MYP Core: Service Learning and Personal Projects

  • The Personal Project

    What is the MYP Personal Project?

    The final component of the IB MYP programme is the Personal Project at the end of the 10th grade year. The project is designed to be a culminating task to showcase your ability to learn on your own and utilize the skills you’ve been learning and practicing as an IBMYP student. Please sign below after reading the expectations and then feel free to attend our IB Parent 101 Nights for more information about MYP!

    Check out our 2021 Personal Project Virtual Exhibition!


    Projects like this, and more, were completed by Wooster Students this year. 

    Model Air Kits

    Jonathon B., Mr. Vasquez's class

  • Create Something Personal

    This project asks you to create a product, outcome, or event that is personal for you, represents your goals, and is appropriately challenging for you! This could really be almost anything! But it should show you dedicated about 25 hours of your sophomore year in producing something that was a personal challenge.

    • Build my own skateboard
    • Learn to decorate cakes
    • Start a campus fitness group
    • Turn my poetry into music
    • Research my family tree

    For What Purpose?

    • Challenging yourself
    • Inquiring about how to solve problems from your own life
    • Practice planning long term goals
    • Justifying and communicating your goals
    • Practicing IB skills like investigating, communicating, collaborating, planning and organizing
  • Service Reflections

    See the Assessments & Fees page for information on how Service Reflections are graded. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 10 reflections between their 9th and 10th grade year. It is suggested that students complete at least six in their 9th grade year as a substantial amount of time will be spent on Personal Projects during their 10th grade year. 

    Service Learning Introduction Packet.

    Not sure what your reflections should look like? Click Service Learning Reflection examples for some ideas. You can also find the Service Learning Outcomes here.

    Don't forget to speak with your Individuals and Societies teachers or Mrs. Evenson regarding questions you may have about Service Learning Reflections. 


    COVID-19 Updates

    You can still do Service Learning while safely social distancing. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can engage in Service while following CDC COVID-19 Safety Protocols: 

    1. Do virtual story time for kids in your neighborhood or other kids you might know
    2. Do virtual tutoring for your peers or younger students you might know
    3. Make and sell items (see the Creativity section) and sell them on Etsy or another website: donate the money to your favorite charity
    4. See if any of the organizations you have volunteered for in the past have any virtual duties or assignments you could help with
    5. Clean up your neighborhood, using gloves and physical distancing precautions
    6. Learn how to perform CPR (online class or videos)
    7. If you’re bilingual, offer virtual translation for a community organization or other people you know