IB MYP Requirements

  • 1. Participate in the Last Two Years of the Programme

    Students must complete grades 9 and 10 of the program in order to earn the MYP Certificate. Students who transfer to Wooster in grade 10 are not eligible to earn an MYP Certificate unless transferring from another IB MYP school. They are welcome to complete the other requirements below, as appropriate, in order to receive an MYP “Certificate of Participation” and other school awards.

    2. Complete and Pass the Personal Project

    Each student must complete and earn a grade of at least 4 out of 7 on the MYP Personal Project. This project is completed during the 10th grade year. Seminar teachers will help guide the students and provide resources to the students. 

    3. Engage in Service and Action

    Each student must engage in meaningful service and action during the MYP program. Students are required to complete ten reflections by the end of the MYP program. Reflection forms ask students to think about their growth in different IB learning outcomes. Up to three reflections can be written for a single service activity. Service activities can be within a school event (like managing the football team or working the snack bar). Activities that build international understandings or multilingualism are also acceptable. Reflections are to be submitted to the students' Individuals and Societies teacher (for 9th grade, Individuals and Societies/Seminar;  for 10th grade MYP Personal Project Supervisors during Seminar).

    4. Achieve a Minimum Score of "4" in all Six MYP Subject

    While Wooster High School offers all eight MYP subject groups, MYP students at the high school level are required to complete only six. Due to Nevada graduation requirements, Wooster High School selects the five mandatory subjects for all students. Students may choose the sixth subject that they will pursue (art, design/technology, or PE/ROTC) to satisfy the requirements for the MYP Certificate. The sixth choice can be different for grades 9 and 10. The subjects are as follows:

    1. Language and Literature
    2. Language Acquisition (World Language)
    3. Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)
    4. Science
    5. Mathematics
    6. Art, Design/Technology, or PE/ROTC

    Unlike the DP and CP, there are no exit exams required for the MYP. Students demonstrate their achievement levels throughout the 10th grade year on MYP assessments. These are designed by classroom teachers and scored using IB rubrics (scored out of 8 possible points). At the end of the 10th grade year, teachers will use all the previous MYP assessment scores as evidence to determine a final MYP achievement level for each student. For more information, please refer to our IB Assessment Policy