Introducing IB 101 Nights

  • We are very excited to introduce our IB 101 NIGHTS.

    • Where: Wooster College and Career Center
    • When: Presentation starts at 6:30 and usually lasts about an hour

    We will be presenting valuable information to current parents and students about:

    • The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP): Focused on 11th and 12th grade IB Diploma and Certificate students
    • The IB Career Programme (IBCP): Focused on 10th, 11th and 12th grade students registered in our IBCP program
    • The IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP): Focused on our 9th and 10th grade students, all 9th & 10th grade students are MYP students

    Parents can choose which presentations to attend according to their child'’'s current need. The IB programme coordinators will lead discussions and presentations on their respective programs. We hope to help break down the mystery, and obstacles to IB by providing students and parents the tools and information they need to be successful. The IBDP presentations will vary each month, and the IBCP and IBMYP programmes will provide general information and requirements each month.

  • IBMYP Information

    • MYP Project
    • MYP Service
    • MYP Rubrics & Grading
    • MYP Managebac

    IBDP Information

    • CAS Requirements
    • Registering for IB and AP Exams
    • The Extended Essay
    • College Planning
    • Theory of Knowledge
    • Exams and Assessment
    • What it Means to “Drop” from Full IB

    IBCP Information

    • CTE Courses
    • Reflective Project/Essay
    • Service Learning & Portfolio
    • Language Development
    • Personal and Professional Skills (PPS)
    • Exams and Assessment

    IB 101 Dates

    College & Career Center
    Times are 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM unless noted otherwise.