Fall Sports

  • Welcome to the Wooster Colts Athletics Fall Sports page! If you need further information, please contact the sport coach below or check our Athletic Registration page for downloads and useful links.


    Coach: Bo Sellers

    (775) 224-8413 | Email Coach Sellers

    Football Asst. Coaches:

    • Gary Baer
    • Joe Sellers

    Practice Times: TBA

    Boys' Soccer

    Coach: Jorge Vieyra

    (775) 815-1917 | Email Coach Vieyra

    Soccer Asst. Coaches:

    • Rendell Chavez

    Practice Times: TBA

    Girls' Soccer

    Coach: Jorge Vieyra

    (775) 354-9940 | Email Coach Vieyra

    Soccer Asst. Coaches:

    Practice Times: TBA

    Boys' & Girls' Cross Country

    Coach: Anthony Davis

    (775) 843-2347 | Email Coach Davis

    Practice Times: TBA


    Varsity Coach: Katie Lawrence

    Email Coach Lawrence

    Practice times:TBA

    Boys' Tennis

    Coach: Morgan Bishop 

    (775) 321-3160 Email Coach Bishop


    Girls' Tennis

    Coach: Mike Morrison 

    (775) 750-1680  Email Coach Morrison

    Practice times: TBA

    Girls' Golf

    Coach: Mat Biggins

    Email Coach Biggins

    Practice Times: 3:30-5:15


    Coach: Nicolette Andrini

    (775) 321-3160 | Email Coach Andrini

    Practice Times: TBA