• This is a SAMPLE Constitution. Your club constitution can be as simple or complicated as your club would like.


    The Constitution of the Name of Club at Earl Wooster High School


    Article I: Objectives (You do not need to include all of these)

    Section A: The primary objectives of our club shall be as follows:

    • To create and facilitate a student-led platform __________
    • To provide support and guidance ___________________
    • To develop and explore ___________________________
    • To foster ______________________________________

    Article II: Membership (What constitutes a “member” of your club)

    Section A: Membership within our club will include the following:
    Section B: Members will have the following privileges:

    Section C: Maintaining membership requires the following: (These are examples only)

    1. Participation in the scheduled meetings
    2. Fulfillment of the role that comes with each respective office
    3. Completion of assigned tasks and duties that comes with each respective office
    4. Have a 2.0 minimum GPA that semester

    Section D: Requirements for club Sponsor, if any.

    Section E: Requirements for leadership positions, if any.

    Article III: Expectations (Includes Expectations, how often the club meets, etc.)

    All student members of Earl Wooster High School’s Your Club must be ____________________________.  Being a member of this Club makes you a representative for Your Club and Wooster High School.

    • You are a role model representing ___________________________.
    • You support and encourage your peers
    • Officers must maintain a _____ GPA throughout the school year.
    • All officers and committee members must attend the scheduled meetings and discussions of the council and must participate in club-related events.

    This is a year-round club.

    Failure to adhere to the above expectations will result in consequences for any misconduct. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Academic misconduct (cheating, collusion, plagiarism),
    2. Behavioral misconduct (any behavior that is not in line with appropriate conduct as outlined in the Wooster Student Handbook)
    3. Behavior that is not positive, productive or respectful

    Consequences will be progressive and will range from discussions with advisor(s) to loss of office and/or committee and/or club membership.


    Article IV: Meeting Procedures (How do you want your meetings to run?)

    Students in Your Club should attend club meetings. All members must attend unless excused or have notified the team beforehand. Attend every meeting with ideas, updates, and work done from past meetings.

    Everybody should stay positive.


    Article V: Officers (You can choose who and what your officers are)

    Section A: The CLUB leadership will consist of the positions of president, vice president, secretary.

    Section B: To hold an office, an officer must be an upper-class student who has been enrolled at Wooster for at least one calendar school year.

    Section C: Terms are limited to one school year, but if an officer wins the following election, they may serve that consecutive year.

    Section D: The expectations required for each office are outlined below:


    • Organize and prepare for Your Club Meetings
    • Schedule as many meetings as necessary, but are limited to _________ per month.
    • Develop and plan out the schedule and agenda for each meeting with consultation from each of the officers and council advisors.

    Vice President:

    • Temporarily assume the position of president in the event of the president’s absence.
    • Assist the president in carrying out the tasks for Your Club.
    • Coordinate with other club members.


    • Responsible for recording the meetings and keeping a record of the ideas and items from the agenda that come up during each meeting.
    • Keeps a record of the attendance for each meeting.
    • Maintains social media sites.

    Article VI: Election Procedures

    Section A: Elections for officer positions will be held in March/April of the prior school year.

    Section B: Given that one is eligible for the position, they may run up to two ballots at a time (given those positions can be held together).

    Section C: Members will have to fill out a candidacy form prior to running.

    Section D: Once successfully nominated, candidates will have the ability to give 1 speech per election.

    Section E: If running unopposed, a candidate may win the election. Otherwise, each ballot will be an anonymous ranked choice voting system in which the candidates are ordered from most preferable to least preferable.

    Section F: In the event of a vacancy, a mock election can be held to fill the vacancy, or the club advisor can appoint someone to that position.

    Section G: If an elected official fails to fulfill their duties, they may be removed from office by a 2/3rds majority vote.

    Article VII: Amendments

    Section A: An amendment may be called on for the proposal of a constitutional adjustment.

    Section B: This constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at a general meeting.

    Section C: Advisor(s) may amend this constitution as necessary for the good of Wooster High School.