Club Lists & Advisors

  • Every club must submit the club applications forms (Found on “Create a Club” page) every school year to be considered a formal club at Wooster.

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  • List of Current Clubs:

    Club Advisor Co-Advisor
    All NIAA Sports Anderson, M  
    Academic Olympics Swigart, R  
    Bowling Young, J  
    Business Blomquist, S  
    Chess Club  Dierenga, G  
    Chinese Club Collins, Z  
    Dance Club Spansail, R  
    Disk Golf Vaughan, D  
    Drill Team  Chandler, A  
    Environmental (WHEAT) Dierenga, G  
    French Club Itani, M Itani, M
    Freshman Leadership  McClaughrey, C Hernandez, A
    Glee Club Coli, D  
    Hoopers (Basketball Club) Interiano, E  
    IB Club Lienau, J Danielsen, E
    Interact Club Arrowood, K  
    Intramural Soccer Martino, J  
    JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates) Whitfield, M  
    Junior Leadership Condon, P Evenson, Z
    K-Anime Cosplay Creation Griffin, C  
    Key Club Spansail, R  
    Leadership  Snell, S  
    Mock Trial Morrison, M  
    Mountain Biking Club Mucklow, D  
    National Honors Society Maddox, S Galt, N
    JROTC Stynen, K  
    Senior Leadership  Smith, M Little, H
    Skills USA Felling, W  
    Sophomore Leadership  Spansail, R Grose, N
    Spanish Club Real-Zepeda, M Arrowood, K
    Speech and Debate Speth, D  
    Table-Top Gamers Klein, M Peralta, G 
    Wooster Players Gibbons, K  
    Young Democrats Club Munson, R
    Young Life Christian Club Biggins, M