Student Advisory Board

  •  Purpose:

    The Wooster Student Advisory Board is a place where students can voice their opinions, and encourage and facilitate change within the Wooster community.


    Mission Statement:

    Our Student Advisory Board is a group of students who will:

    • work together weekly to improve our school climate and make it the best it can be,
    • listen to their peers' views and make sure that everyone has the chance to be heard,
    • act as a link between students and staff, and
    • take responsibility and influence positive changes.


    School Year 2019-2020 Goals:

    1. Increase student involvement on campus and at school activities
    2. Increase student involvement at athletic events
    3. Increase communication between student advisory board representatives and the student body


    Our 2019-2020 members are:

    Boris Carpio                                                      Allyssa Pippin

         Boris Carpio, Student Body President                           Allyssa Pippin, Student Body Vice President


    Sanpreet Singh             Jack AuCoin             Avery Kittrell             Freshman Class President

              Sanpreeet Singh, Seniors           Jack AuCoin, Juniors            Avery Kittrell, Sophomores                 TBA, Freshman


    Julian Saldana             Amber Stegall             Pamela Nipay             Nathan Jones

             Julian Saldana, Leadership        Amber Stegall, Leadership          Pamela Nipay, JROTC              Nathan Jones, Band             

    Dipin Kapila             Victoria Gomez Meza             Nathan Noble             Donovan Ratfield

                    Dipin Kapila, Theater        Victoria Gomez Meza, District         Nathan Noble, District           Donovan Ratfield, Athletics

               Amber Thaxton             Edith Paz-Robledo             Nadia Lopez Guerra             Bianey Ortiz            

                 Amber Thaxton, Athletics          Edith Paz-Robledo, IB           Nadia Lopez Guerra, Clubs          Bianey Ortiz, JAG