• Scholarships are listed by their DEADLINE. SCROLL DOWN to bottom to see ALL scholarship opportunities. (Scholarships with multiple or rolling deadlines are listed separately at the bottom) 

    Please apply early to avoid any problems with your application.

    Military Scholarship Opportunities can be found HERE.

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  • Tis the Season for Scholarships! Don't get fooled.


    • NEVER pay for scholarship applications or fees.
    • Make sure all pages you submit are typed, NEAT, well edited, and that all the information you include is true and verifiable.
    • Always try and beat the deadline posted.
    • National scholarships can involve BIG money. However, they are very difficult to get.  Go LOCAL if you can.  Look for local stores, businesses, or perhaps your parent(s) employer may offer scholarships.
    • Try to submit applications as least one week before the due date.  Online servers can get overloaded and stop working properly when everyone submits them on the last day.  In addition, remember to account for the delivery time if mailing an application.
    • NEVER NEVER pay to submit a scholarship application. (This is a duplication, but bears repeating.)
    • Always spell check and proof-read applications. (Mrs. Grange in the Career Center is happy to edit and proof-read.)
    • Make sure you have submitted everything requested and answered all the questions.
    • Don't submit anything that isn't asked for, and stay under the required word count.
    • Photocopy everything before you submit it, in case your application gets lost and needs to be re-submitted.
    • Professionalize your online presence, remove potentially embarrassing content from social media.  Use an appropriate email address.
    • Gather information early.  Most scholarships require various versions of:
      • Community service activities, hours, location, services
      • Personal Essay
      • Letters of recommendations
      • Resume with test scores, honors classes, and awards received
  • Scholarships with Varying Due Dates:

    National Society of High School Scholars:  More details and applications can be found here

    Teach Nevada:  More details and applications can be found here

    Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar Program:  More details and applications can be found here

    United Negro College Fund Scholarships:  More details and applications can be found here

    US Bowling Congress Scholarships:  More details and applications can be found here

    Writers and Illustrators of the Future:  More details and applications can be found here

    Pathways to Aviation:  More details and applications can be found here

    Elks National Foundation Scholarship Programs:  More details and applicatiosn can be found here

  • Going Merry is a free scholarship and financial aid platform.  Find thousands of national, regional, and local scholarships available for every grade level from first-year students to seniors.  Sign-up for free

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