• Assessments & Fees

    Mandatory Fees for IBCP Students:

    • One-time IB registration fee
    • A minimum of two IB Exams-SL or HL
    • 2015 - 2016 IB and AP Exam: Policy The following WCSD policy will be applied to all students registered in an IB course. ALL requirements must be met before the IB designation is awarded and recorded on your transcript. Students register for IB courses during regular high school pre-registration each fall.
      • All WCSD students enrolled in an IB and AP course are required to take the exam in that course per Administrative Regulation 6501; therefore, students registered in IB classes will be automatically registered for the course exam unless direct communication has been made to the IBDP and AP Coordinator.
        • Students must be registered for ALL IB exams before the first IB deadline of NOVEMBER 14. Students making changes to their IB registration (dropping a class, changing courses, adding courses, or changing EE subjects) after this deadline will pay an IB amendment fee. Prices increase further after November 14, January 14 and April 14.
        • Students dropping an IB course after the November 14 deadline will not receive a refund for their IB registration fee. Students dropping an IB exam after January 14 will not receive a refund for that exam.
      • Students wishing to maintain the IB designation on their transcripts, and obtain the IB weighting of the course must complete all components required by IB (including all IA's, exams, orals, presentations, labs, etc.).
    • 2015-2016 IBCP Fees

      CP Candidate Student Fees

      2015-2016 Fee USD
      Candidate Registration Fee $164.00
      Candidate Subject Fee (DP Exam) $113.00
      An additional late fee will be incurred for a DP subject registration, reflective project registration or amendment to a subject, level of language after the first registration deadline. The late fee increases again after the second deadline.
      • Late fees will be assessed at $5 per 30 days late. To avoid this fee, complete the Payment Schedule fee form and submit to Mrs. Fine.
      • REDUCED FEES: If students qualify, we highly suggest that students apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) Programme, for this will reduce exam fees tremendously. Students qualifying for FRL pay $15 per IB exam (this amount changes yearly according to the State of Nevada) IB registration fees are not reduced.
      • Fee amounts change yearly.
      • All fees must be paid by check, cash, or money order to the bookkeeper in the main office, or you can pay online with a credit card (includes a small processing fee) at www.woostercolts.com and then on the right-hand side of the page click on "Shop the Tack Shack!," login and then click on testing fees.(
      • The testing coordinator will visit classes to register students for both IB and AP exams. A copy of this registration will be sent home. Please keep this for your records.
      • We will send out statements at least three times in the year, but it is your responsibility to make sure all fees are paid. Please contact the bookkeeper to check payment of fees, 321-3160, and extension 37010.
      • If at any time your child's registration changes, make sure you inform the testing coordinator (not the teacher, not the counselor) that you will not be taking the exam (or that you want to add an exam). If you do not communicate with the testing coordinator before the deadlines, then you will be held responsible for all fees.
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