Important Information Regarding Returning to School!

Dear Wooster Families,

As we approach the start of the 20-21 school year, we know there are many questions and concerns. We will send a Wooster Giddy Up weekly for news, celebrations, changes, and upcoming weekly schedules. We hope that this communication will help to answer some of your questions and make certain that we consider as many scenarios as possible to ensure the safest approach to our new and returning Colts. Please reach out with any additional questions, comments, or suggestions. Contact information for me and my administrative team can be found at the end of this document.   

There are three learning options for students at Wooster High School. When the first day of school starts, students will be locked into the learning option you chose. If you need to change to a different learning model, call your student’s counselor and please let us know as soon as possible. We will need to re-enroll your student in the new learning option, prepare their schedule, and get the classroom ready to ensure safety. This can take up to two weeks for the schedule change to happen – especially when switching from distance learning, to hybrid learning.

The 3 learning options are as follows: 

  • Hybrid Learning Option: Students physically attend school every other day and will participate on off-days with at-home online learning. The expectation on the “off-day” is that your student is logging onto their device and working from home. Students who have elected this model will be placed into two groups: Group A and Group B. Group A students will start school on Monday, August 17th. Group B students will start school on Tuesday, August 18th.

  • In Person Learning Option: Students attend five days a week. Students start school on Monday, August 17th. This option is only available to students in the following programs: Children in Transition Program; Newcomer English Language Learner Program; CLS, Strategies, D/HH, and Sped programs.
  • Full Time Distance Learning Option:  Students take seven classes at home, online daily. When students finish the course, they will need to schedule a time to come to campus to take their final exam for the class on Edgenuity. Students must take the final exam and score at least a 60% to pass each course. Students will need access to internet and a laptop/computer to access their courses. A teacher will be assigned to monitor and provide support for students as they work on classes every day via Edgenuity. Attendance is required and expected daily. Attendance will be taken each morning and afternoon. Students will be supported by a staff member but much of the work will be independent and will need to be done at home with help or support from the family.






  • Self-Screen: Please self-screen at home before coming to school. Check for fever, exposure to anyone with COVID-19, or if you have two or more of these symptoms: sore throat, abdominal pain, nasal congestion, muscle pain or body aches, chills, headache, fatigue.  Daily, staff and students will need to perform self-screening at home to determine if they should attend school. This must be done each day to help protect all students and staff. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have been around someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, you must remain home – and please call our office to let us know.

  • Bring a Mask: All staff and students are required to wear a mask while at school. The mask must cover the nose and mouth and must be worn correctly. A face shield cannot substitute for a face covering. 

  • Bring water: We have turned off all drinking fountain sources on campus, so students must bring their own water. Water will be available for purchase at lunchtime for $1.00. So please bring your own water!

  • Decide on Lunch: Pack a lunch, bring lunch money (if you do not qualify for F/RL). Campus is closed for lunch – for all students. You may purchase breakfast and lunch at Wooster. Breakfast costs $1.85. Lunch costs $3.15.

  • Bring a backpack: Wear a backpack to carry your items. We will not be issuing lockers. Students will not have access to their cars during the school day.

  • Bring a valid driver’s license and your vehicle registration (for students who drive): We are checking all student drivers on the first day of school. In the past we have had far too many non-licensed drivers, and we cannot risk the safety of our students. Be prepared to show your ID and your registration.

  • Families are asked not drop off items for students to the office during the school day. This includes lunches. We must reduce traffic in and out of our school.



  • Riding the Bus: WCSD Transportation will continue to be provided to students that live in areas where transportation had previously been provided.  All students riding buses are required to wear a mask, sit in assigned seats, and maintain social distancing.  The routes with times and locations for stops will be published on WCSD website in the days just before school starting. Please call transportation at (775) 337-7769 if your child is not registered for a bus.  Without this, they will not be transported to and from school. 

  • Students Driving to School: Students will park in the East Parking Lot, entering on the Villanova and Matley entrance. As mentioned above, all student drivers must show their valid driver’s license/permit and registration to be allowed to park on campus. Students will be issued a parking sticker that must be placed on the front window of the car. You may not return to your car for any reason during the day, so take your books, backpack, and lunch with you. Do not leave items in your car.

  • Families dropping students off: Student drop off will be done in the West parking lot, drivers will enter on the Plumb/Harvard entrance, and exit on Harvard. Students are to be dropped off along the road that runs along the football field fence. Students cannot be dropped off in the fire zone along A building, nor can they be dropped off in the round-about next to the admin building.

  • Put on your Mask and Maintain 6’ Social Distancing and head directly to your first class of the day: Whether you are inside or outside, all students and staff must wear a mask and maintain 6’ social distancing. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff will be on duty with student first period assignments to provide direction. STUDENTS WILL REPORT DIRECTLY TO THEIR FIRST PERIOD CLASS EACH MORNING THAT THEY ARE ON CAMPUS. No hanging out in groups and socializing. Safety is paramount.



  • Group A & B Block Schedule Rotation: Group A students will start school on Monday, August 17th. Group B students will start school on Tuesday, August 18th. Again, to ensure our school is as safe as possible for students and staff, everyone is expected to wear a mask (ensuring that it covers the nose and mouth), maintain social distancing, and practice hygiene by washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer frequently. Wooster is on a block schedule this year. Students will attend four classes per day. On 1-2-3 days, it will be 1st period, Seminar, 2nd period, lunch, 3rd On 4-5-6 days, it will be 4th period, Seminar, 5th period, lunch, 6th period. What this means for our hybrid learning option is this: Monday will be Group A 1-2-3 day. Tuesday will be Group B 1-2-3 day. Wednesday will be Group A 4-5-6 day. Thursday will be Group B 4-5-6 day. Then, the days repeat, with Friday being Group A 1-2-3 day, and Monday being Group B 1-2-3 day. If you get confused as to what day it is, visit our website at and click on the calendar. We have labeled each day for the school year for you! 😊 More information and updates will follow on A and B day, especially if our block rotation needs to be changed due to inclement weather, snow day, or a three-day weekend. We will continue with an Early Release (1:45pm dismissal) each Wednesday. 

  • Lockers & Uniforms: Students will not be assigned academic or PE lockers. Access to the locker rooms is prohibited. Students will not be dressing out for PE or JROTC. Students will need to keep all materials and personal belongings with them throughout the day and are encouraged to use a backpack.
  • School Fees: We are not collecting class fees or athletics fees at this time. We will, however, collect testing fees for upcoming IB/AP exams. More information to follow!



At the end of the day, students will dismiss and leave campus directly. At dismissal, all available exits will be used to minimize numbers in any area.    

  • Students riding a bus will directly board their bus and sit in their assigned seat and keep their mask on. 

  • Students that are walking or driving themselves will head directly off campus.
  • Students being picked up will wait in the West Parking Lot by the Admin Building and A building. Families will pick up their student in the West parking lot. 



Parents and families will arrive to campus and park in a Curbside Assistance spot next to the admin building. From the parking spot, call 775-321-3160. Explain to the person who answers that you are in a curbside assistance spot. Most requests and situations can be successfully addressed over the phone. We will come out to you to try and support you and answer questions you might have. We will significantly limit the number of non-staff or student entrance into the building by following our office access procedures. This is to limit the potential exposure in the building and keep our students and staff as safe as possible.   



  • One-Way Foot Traffic Routes:- When students enter the building, they will need to maintain social distancing (they will not be able to congregate in any area) and proceed directly to their class.  There are social distancing and directional arrows showing students how to travel in all areas.  Staff will be on duty during all passing times to help students with maintaining the one-way traffic flow throughout the building.  Doors will be propped open into rooms and learning spaces, limiting the need for students to touch knobs or hold doors open.  Students need to follow traffic patterns, use doors marked for entry and exit, and follow directions of staff.  
  • Passing Between Class Periods: Students will have a 5-minute passing and must continually move to the next class. No loitering. Students will follow the end of class directions provided by the teacher and wait to be dismissed from class.  Once they are released, they will make their way to their next class where they will line up on the wall outside of the class and wait to be admitted once the student desks have been disinfected by the teacher.  When they are directed to enter their next class, they will stand in a designated spot and wait for their teacher to take attendance and be directed to take their seat.  One-way traffic patterns are clearly marked in each building, as well as outside on the walkways and breezeways.

  • Restrooms:  Restroom use will happen only during class time.  Each teacher/classroom will have an assigned restroom area.  Sinks will be limited to every other sink so that social distancing can be maintained.  Teachers will have passes for students to fill out if they need to leave the room for any reason.  Only 1 student will be permitted to leave the room at any time.  
  • Hall Monitors: Every building will have a hall monitor during the day. This adult is responsible for traffic in and out of restrooms, as well as providing students band aids for minor first aid needs, and sanitary napkins for personal hygiene. The hall monitor will also keep an eye on any student who is brought out of a classroom that needs to see a counselor for social-emotional needs or needs to see the nurse because of sickness and/or exhibiting contagious/virus symptoms.

  • Counselor: Students may not leave the classroom to go see their counselor. Students needing to see their counselor will sign up via a forms link. Counselors will work to schedule off-day Teams meetings with a student that needs to talk about academics. Students experiencing stress, anxiety, or trauma can ask their classroom teacher to see their counselor. Counselors will be called to the classroom and will assess the student’s needs out in the hallway, and if necessary, will walk the student back to the office to have a private conversation.

  • Clinic/Medical Aid:  The clinic will not be open for students to access during the day, because of our antiquated small clinic area. We will be delivering medical support for students by having our clinical aide and nurse go to the classroom as needed to triage any student who has medical needs (personal hygiene, medication, first aid, and contagious/virus symptoms). If a student becomes ill and needs to be removed from class, the student will be brought to the hall monitor to wait for support. The nurse/clinical aid will be called and will assess the student’s wellbeing. Should any student or staff member be officially diagnosed with Covid-19, Wooster HS will work closely with and follow all direction of WCSD Health Services and the Washoe County Health Department.   

  • Hand Washing:  Any classroom or learning space with a sink will have a hand washing station (soap and paper towels) set-up. Students will be given time to hand wash in classes that have sinks.  Handwashing will be encouraged throughout the day and required after using the restroom. Again, every classroom has been provided a hand sanitizer dispenser that has been attached to the wall near the door that students will be asked to utilize.



  • Breakfast:  Students will have access to hand sanitizer before eating their breakfast. Nutrition Services staff will pass food out to students. Breakfast costs $1.85. All food items must be disposed of in the trash cans before students make their way to their first period class. Food may not be eaten in the classroom. Only water is permitted in classrooms.

  • Lunch:  Wooster campus is closed for lunch for all students this year. You must bring your own lunch, or purchase lunch from our cafeteria. There will be no way to heat up your lunch if you pack your lunch, as microwaves and refrigerators are off limits. Lunch period is 30 minutes long with a 5-minute passing.  We will have three lunches this year – and students will be assigned lunches by class, as well as location to eat lunch. With approximately 600 students on campus each day, and a closed campus for lunch – three lunches were necessary to ensure safety and social distancing. Each lunch, 200 students will be assigned. Each lunch will have four specified lunch areas, each with a specified lunch cart, outdoor area, indoor area for inclement weather, and bathrooms. Students will be assigned one of these four lunch locations and are required to stay in their assigned lunch area. That will allow us to keep the 50-person maximum per lunch space. Students will be allowed to socialize during lunchtime, but must keep distance, and put their masks back on when eating is complete. Students may not access their vehicles or parking lots at lunchtime. While eating, students will be seated facing in the same direction in areas with seating. There will be no face-to-face seating. We will go over these areas several times with students during the first two weeks of school to ensure students know the routine. All food items must be disposed of in the trash cans before students make their way to their first period class. Food may not be eaten in the classroom. Only water is permitted in classrooms.



  • Seating:  Each classroom is equipped with 15-18 desks and chairs. Class sizes will not exceed 15 in most cases, but in a handful of classes, will be up to 18. However, a 6’ radius has been measured for every desk in every classroom to ensure proper social distancing.  Each student will be assigned a seat.   

  • Supplies:  Each student maintains the supplies they will use in class.  Additional supplies will be provided as needed to individuals, but there will be no shared supplies that are not sanitized between use.  If labs or activities are assigned, students will receive individual packets of materials and supplies.  

  • Computers: Each classroom is equipped with 15 laptops that students will use during the day. If your student has a laptop, we encourage them to bring it with them to school. This will minimize cross-contamination surfaces and will help us to have enough computers for students to use throughout the day. 

  • Dismissal:  At the end of each class period every desk and chair will be sanitized (by the teacher, not by students).  Students will stand on the perimeter of the room as the teacher sanitizes and wait to be dismissed from class. Students entering the class will wait outside the room until the teacher has prompted them to enter (room is empty) and they will follow the instructions of the teacher where to wait to take their seat. 



We are still waiting for additional guidance and details around athletics. The movement of NIAA athletics to second semester has already been decided. Please be prepared that it is a possibility that athletics may be cancelled for the 2020-2021 school year. As soon as we have more details, we will pass them along.



Pictures will be taken the first week of school (for Hybrid and In Person students only), Tuesday through Friday, August 18-21. Pictures will be set up in the large gym. All students will take their picture and receive a free photo ID. The IDs will be the same color for all class levels this year as we will have a closed campus and there will be no need to check IDs to leave for lunch. The positive aspect of photos this year will be having one half of the students each day on campus. We can ensure social distancing as students come down in their English classes to take their pictures. Teachers will accompany their students to the gym, maintain social distancing and be sure the kids are wearing their masks. The pictures taken will also be used in this year’s yearbook. Once pictures are taken, students will receive their picture packages back in about three weeks. Students can view their pictures online and order prints if they choose to do so. There will be a picture make up day in September, date to be determined.



Thank you for taking the time to read through this document, we are confident of a successful implementation with all of us working together.  We will update as more information becomes available. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to an administrator directly.   

We’re looking forward to seeing our Colts soon! Remember, if you need to reach the office, our number is 775-321-3160.