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    CAS Portfolio Checks: 

    Due Oct 1st or 2nd (during your ToK class): 
    • All experience sheets for mid-June through end-September
    • At least one good reflection

    For questions about CAS, please contact Mrs. Lienau at jlienau@washoeschools.net or Mrs. Danielsen at EDanielsen@washoeschools.net

    Thank you to Dr. Grose for the following:

    I know you might be thinking it is hard to do CAS activities while in quarantine, but it actually may provide you with the opportunity to do something you never would have tried before! There are many ideas online, but below you will find several “quarantine” or “physical distancing” friendly ideas.


    1. Take up baking
    2. Take up cooking
    3. Take up vegan (or vegetarian) cooking
    4. Create a recipe book for your latest bakes
    5. Start a YouTube channel for your cookery
    6. Take up knitting
    7. Make your own clothes/accessories
    8. Create an Etsy or Depop account for your handmade clothes/accessories (and if you donate the money to a charity, it can also count as SERVICE)
    9. Make face-masks for hospitals and assisted living homes; this can count as SERVICE and CREATIVITY!
    10. Take up photography
    11. Produce a documentary (maybe about your quarantine experience, your e-learning experience, etc.)
    12. Join a virtual book club
    13. Write a novel or some short stories
    14. Make a stop motion animation film (the film “Chicken Run” has some great inspiration)
    15. Write poetry
    16. Start a blog for your poems or other writing
    17. Start calligraphy
    18. Make handmade cards that feature your calligraphy
    19. Learn a musical instrument
    20. Design a video game
    21. Make homemade candles
    22. Take up sketching or painting
    23. Create an Instagram account to feature your sketches and/or paintings
    24. Make homemade bath bombs


    *Remember, as long as you’re following the CDC guidelines, such as practicing safe physical distancing and only being around those who live in your home, you can still go outside

    1. Take up running (you can make a goal of running a 5K, 10K, or even a marathon)
    2. Go hiking
    3. Try a virtual Zumba or Yoga class
    4. Try breakdancing
    5. Try kayaking
    6. Go mountain biking
    7. Go cycling and commit to cycling a certain number of days per week
    8. Try archery
    9. Do any activity that you can on your own or with the people who live in your home
    10. Use the internet to find videos on any exercise or activity you can do in your own home (karate, boxing, taekwondo, Zumba, boxercise, yoga, Pilates, etc.)


    1. Do virtual story time for kids in your neighborhood or other kids you might know
    2. Do virtual tutoring for your peers or younger students you might know
    3. Make and sell items (see the Creativity section) and sell them on Etsy or another website: donate the money to your favorite charity
    4. See if any of the organizations you have volunteered for in the past have any virtual duties or assignments you could help with
    5. Clean up your neighborhood, using gloves and physical distancing precautions
    6. Learn how to perform CPR (online class or videos)
    7. If you’re bilingual, offer virtual translation for a community organization or other people you know