A-Z Faculty Directory

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Dianna Adame
Adame, Dianna

Vicki Ahrens
Ahrens, Vicki

Brian Akre
Akre, Brian
Math Teacher

Courtney Alarcon
Alarcon, Courtney
Science Teacher

Spencer Allen
Allen, Spencer
SIP Teacher

Jesus Ambriz
Ambriz, Jesus

Michael Anderson
Anderson, Michael
Athletic Director

Michael Anderson
Anderson, Michael
Social Studies Teacher

Alexandria Arciniega
Arciniega, Alexandria
Art Teacher

Josuhe Arevalo
Arevalo, Josuhe

Kristin Arrowood
Arrowood, Kristin
Science Teacher

Erin Atkinson
Atkinson, Erin
Social Studies Teacher


Gary Baer
Baer, Gary
English Teacher

Darrell Baldwin
Baldwin, Darrell
Campus Supervisor

Katie Baldwin
Baldwin, Katie
Strategies Aide

Marly Barainca
Barainca, Marly
Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Testing

Mathew Biggins
Biggins, Matt
Mathematics Department Leader

Shawn Biondo
Biondo, Shawn
Head Groundskeeper

Morgan Bishop
Bishop, Morgan
Social Studies Teacher

Scott Blomquist
Blomquist, Scott
Social Studies Teacher

Kim Boldi
Boldi, Kim
Athletics Assistant

Mary Brooke
Brooke, Mary

Cherise Brown
Brown, Cherise
Library Assistant

Debi Burks
Burks, Debi
Attendance & Curriculum Assistant


Melissa Casci
Casci, Melissa
English & ELL Teacher

SanJuana Chagolla
Chagolla, SanJuana

Alecia Chandler
Chandler, Alecia
Math Teacher

Heather Clewett
Clewett, Heather
Science Teacher

Scott Colato
Colato, Scott
LD Teacher

Dustin Coli
Coli, Dustin
IB CP Coordinator

Dustin Coli
Coli, Dustin
Department Leader & CTE Energy Technologies

Zhiran Collins
Collins, Zhiran
Chinese Teacher

Pat Condon
Condon, Pat
English Teacher

Mandy Cortes
Cortes, Mandy
Cafeteria Manager

Lynn Curns
Curns, Lynn
Strategies Aide


Erin Danielsen
Danielsen, Erin
Department Leader & IB Counselor

Roseanna D’Arcangelo
D'Arcangelo, Roseanna
English Teacher

Patricia Day
Day, Patricia
Clinical Aide

Eric Diamond
Diamond, Eric
School Police

Genevieve Dierenga
Dierenga, Genevieve
Science Teacher

Joanna Dunlap
Dunlap, Joanna
D/HH Interpreter


Christie Eason
Eason, Christie
Math Teacher

Tawna Eldridge 
Eldridge, Tawna
Social Studies Teacher

Tawna Eldridge MYP
Eldridge, Tawna
IB MYP Coordinator

Jennifer Elmore
Elmore, Jennifer
PE Teacher

David Erickson
Erickson, David
Freshman Counselor


Marie Farigoule
Farigoule, Marie
French Teacher & World Languages Department Leader

Jamie Farley
Farley, Jamie
Social Studies Teacher

Wendy Felling
Felling, Wendy
CTE Photography

Natalie Fiene
Fiene, Natalie
Social Studies Teacher

Rene Flores
Flores, Rene
Math Teacher

Olivia Fultz
Fultz, Olivia


Nancy Galt
Galt, Nancy
ELL Teacher

Kimberly Gibbons
Gibbons, Kimberly
Department Leader & Theater Teacher

Silvia Gil
Gil, Silvia
Family Graduation Advocate (FGA)

Tracy Girdwood
Girdwood, Tracy
English Teacher

Joni Glock
Glock, Joni
D/HH Note Taker

Scott Grange
Grange, Scott
Dean of Intervention & Testing

MSG (Ret) Jennifer Gray
Gray, MSG (Ret) Jennifer
JROTC Instructor

Cindy Griffin
Griffin, Cindy
Social Studies Teacher

Carl Grimm
Grimm, Carl
Assistant Groundskeeper

Nicole Grose
Grose, Nicole
English Teacher


Debra Harris
Harris, Debra
ELL Teacher

James Hayes
Hayes, James
Band Teacher

Monique Herbst
Herbst, Monique
CLS Aide

Sheryl Hicks
Hicks, Sheryl
Junior Counselor

Ryan Hill
Hill, Ryan
PE Teacher

Kimberly Hopper
Hopper, Kimberly
D/HH Note Taker

Scott Hudson
Hudson, Scott
Social Studies Teacher

Stephanie Huff
Huff, Stephanie
Strategies Teacher

Jason Hunt
Hunt, Jason


Ashley Ingle
Ingle, Ashley
English Teacher

Enos Interiano
Interiano, Enos
Spanish Teacher

LTC (Ret) Michael Iratcabal
Iratcabal, Michael
JROTC Department Leader

Malake Itani
Itani, Malake
French Teacher


Terika Jackson
Jackson, Terika
CLS Aide

Robert Jensen
Jensen, Robert
Orchestra Teacher


Mandee Kahn
Kahn, Mandee
D/HH Interpreter

Erika Kennedy
Kennedy, Erika
ELL Teacher

Leah Keuscher
Keuscher, Leah

Page Kirby
Kirby, Page
D/HH Interpreter


Kendra LaGrone
LaGrone, Kendra
SIP Teacher

Karen Laramore
Laramore, Karen
Art Teacher

Corina Latis
Latis, Corina
English Teacher

Reginald Lazaro
Lazaro, Reginald
SIP Aide

Andrea Lazzari
Lazzari, Andrea
PE Teacher

Ashley LeBalch
LeBalch, Ashley
Spanish Teacher

Philip Lienau
Lienau, Philip
Site Facilities Coordinator

Jennifer Lienau
Lienau, Jennifer
IB DP Coordinator

Heather Little
Little, Heather
Science Teacher


Stacy Maddox
Maddox, Stacy
Math Teacher

Jamie Madeiros
Madeiros, Jamie
Job for America's Graduates (JAG) Advisor

Ron Malcolm
Malcolm, Ron
PE Department Leader

Erica Maldonado
Maldonado, Erica
Speech Pathologist

Giselle Martinez-Esparza
Martinez-Esparza, Giselle
College & Career Center Technician

John Martino
Martino, John
ELL Teacher

Patty Maryott
Maryott, Patty
School Nurse

Casey McCann
McCann, Casey
Senior Counselor

Elizabeth McKinney
McKinney, Elizabeth
LD Teacher

Shawn McMurtry
McMurtry, Shawn
CTE Web Design

Dianne Messier
Messier, Dianne
CTE Accounting & Finance

Diondra Mieras
Mieras, Diondra
Sophomore Counselor

Rodger Moore
Moore, Rodger
Technology & Testing Coordinator

Nicolle Morrison
Morrison, Nicolle
Social Studies Teacher

Dylan Mucklow
Mucklow, Dylan
Science Teacher

Robert Munson
Munson, Robert
English/ELL Department Leader

Lisa Murphy
Murphy, Lisa
English Teacher


Janet Najera
Najera, Janet
SPED Assistant

Mike Nakashima
Nakashima, Mike
Assistant Principal - Attendance & Discipline

Kurt Nielsen
Nielsen, Kurt
LD Teacher

John Nigro
Nigro, John
English Teacher


Colleen Odom
Odom, Colleen

Ben O’Neil
O'Neil, Ben
CLS Aide

April Ortiz-Cloninger
Ortiz-Cloninger, April
D/HH Interpreter


Jared Pearce
Pearce, Jared
American Sign Language (ASL) Teacher

Amanda Pippin
Pippin, Amanda
CTE Human Develop. & Leadership

Kendra Plemel
Plemel, Kendra
Strategies Aide

Jandyra Pond
Pond, Jandyra
Spanish Teacher


Araceli Ramirez-Cruz
Ramirez-Cruz, Araceli
Attendance & Student Services Assistant

Hillary Ray
Ray, Hillary
CLS Teacher

Marco Real-Zepeda
Real-Zepeda, Marco
Spanish Teacher

Robert Rhinehart
Rhinehart, Robert

Cesar Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Cesar
Spanish Teacher

Vivian Rosas
Rosas, Vivian
Dean of Students

Rebecca Rosenberg
Rosenberg, Rebecca
Art Teacher


Elaine Sargent
Sargent, Elaine
SIP Aide

Joyce Sargent
Sargent, Joyce
SPED Department Leader & LD Teacher

Kevin Sargent
Sargent, Kevin
LD Teacher

Bo Sellers
Sellers, Bo
CTE Metalworking

Monica Semel
Semel, Monica
CLS Teacher

Reeya Shah
Shah, Reeya
GEAR UP Student-Parent Involvement Facilitator

Judy Shively
Shively, Judy
Principal's Assistant

Andrew Shivers
Shivers, Andrew
Math Teacher

Charlene Skelton
Skelton, Charlene
English Teacher

Kaitlyn Smith
Smith, Kaitlyn "Drew"
Math Teacher

Stacy Smith
Smith, Stacy
Social Studies Department Leader

Mischelle Smith
Smith, Mischelle "Mickey"
Science Teacher

Rosa Soto
Soto, Rosa

Don Speth
Speth, Don
Social Studies Teacher

Ray Swigart
Swigart, Ray
Science Department Leader


Don Thomas
Thomas, Don
Maintenance Technician

Rebecca Trook
Trook, Rebecca
CLS Aide


Erika Vanecek
Vanecek, Erika
A+ Alternative Education

Derek Vaughan
Vaughan, Derek
Math Teacher

Maria Velasquez
Velasquez, Maria
Lead Custodian

Ana Villegas
Villegas, Ana
GEAR UP Student-Parent Involvement Facilitator


Charlie Walsh
Walsh, Charlie
Assistant Principal - Athletics, Activities & Building/Grounds

Millicent Weir
Weir, Millicent
English Teacher

Chris Wells
Wells, Chris
PE Teacher

Justin Wilson
Wilson, Justin
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher

Jenna Wirshing
Wirshing, Jenna
Math Teacher

Kristine Wissel
Wissel, Kristine
LD Teacher

Tim Woodside
Woodside, Tim
Math Teacher

Brian Wyatt
Wyatt, MSG (Ret) Brian
JROTC Instructor


James Young
Young, James
Science Teacher


Zulema Zamudio
Zamudio, Zulema
Bilingual Clerk

Jonathan Zittel
Zittel, Jonathan
ELL Teacher