What about lockdowns or other emergencies at school?

​It is rare that we would have a Code Red or a Code Yellow that requires us to lock down the school, but it could happen. Events such as an intruder on campus or a serious problem in the neighborhood could cause us to go into lock down status. If a lockdown is required, Washoe County School District School Police and our Area Superintendent are notified, and we will use Connect Ed to communicate with parents. We have a School Incident Response Team that meets regularly to plan for emergencies, and Wooster staff members are trained each year on how to respond in emergency situations. We understand that many students are likely to communicate with their parents via text message or email using their cell phones in emergency. It is important to remember that students will probably not have complete information during an emergency situation. The most reliable information will come via the Connect Ed calls or from the Washoe County School District Communications Office. Student safety is our first priority, and Wooster’s principal will communicate with parents as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.